How Long Do Electronic Cigarettes Last?



One of the most common questions we hear from NEO newbies is “How long do ecigs last?”

While it depends on your personal vaping habits, each cartridge is roughly equivalent to one pack of cigarettes.

As with traditional cigarettes, how deeply you inhale and the duration of each draw are the biggest factors affecting how long your ecigs last. Each disposable ecig and refill cartridge contains a water-based liquid that produces the vapor you taste and see when you vape. You use more or less of the liquid with each puff depending on how deeply and how long you inhale.

A fully-charged NEO lithium-ion battery lasts about 2 days, also depending on the intensity of the user. The battery remains off when you aren’t using your NEO ecig, and only turns on when you begin to draw on the unit. The battery turns off automatically when you’re done to conserve power.

When the battery is almost empty, the LED light at the end of the ecig will blink 10 times. If you’re using rechargeable NEO ecigs, you’ll need to return the battery to the charger for up to 5 hours to fully recharge. When the battery is done charging, the LED light on the USB Charger will turn green.

NEO Electronic Cigarettes strives to be an environmentally conscious company, and we have developed a recycling program to properly dispose of ecig batteries. If your battery stops working or you decide you no longer want to use NEO products, please send the batteries to the NEO recycling processing center at 10700 Sikes Place, Suite 120, Charlotte, NC 28277, or take the battery to a recycling center near you.

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